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Green Data Center Technology

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In development at a large site near downtown Dallas is a unique program to deliver “Green” technology to provide for a negative carbon footprint data center at prices comparable or even less than traditional forms of energy. The tenant can have the option to “fix” electric costs over a 10 or even 20 year period as the variable costs of energy inputs will remain relatively constant over time.

Plans are underway to break ground Fall 2011 on a 150,000 SF colocation and a 300,000 SF enterprise data center, with room for 3 additional data centers. Extra land and zoning are available for cogeneration plants which would be built and operated by BP Capital (owned by T. Boone Pickens). The fuel source would be sludge from a nearby water treatment plant, medical waste from Parkland Hospital and UTSW Medical School, and city garbage. These facilities would be a zero emission and completely enclosed. The only residue would be ash which could be used for construction materials or buried.

Electric costs can be delivered at lower than current wholesale rates and the costs would be fixed over a long period of time as feedstock prices would not increase. The building will have significantly lower water costs as a brown line to the nearby water treatment plant is being installed.

One facility is to be a “Private Data Center” (colo facility), and the second is to be more of an “Enterprise” user facility, designed more for a single user, two potentially at most. Both facilities are to be designed somewhat modularly to allow for quick and easy expansion in a controlled manner as clients and their needs grow over time. Further, both are intended as true and certifiable Tier 3 & 4 centers with true 2N capacity. Though we have the basic designs for these centers in hand, we are still early enough and flexible enough to allow for changes to meet specific client needs.

These facilities are very robust in nature, in that they are built to withstand F4 tornado direct hits, have extra thick concrete outer walls (meeting current DOD and Homeland Security requirements for blast tolerances), allow for on site fuel storage, make up water storage, grey water line services, and so forth to offer a truly versatile and hardy facility. Further, we have multiple power source capability including plans for the on site power generating station as a primary feeder source. With Texas’ rather inexpensive electrical rates, we believe these facilities will be attractive to users of all sizes and needs. Numerous fiber suppliers serve this area as well to accommodate any needs. We are building these centers in a LEEDS silver manner.

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Conceptual Data Center Floor Plan
Conceptual Data Center Floor Plan


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