Listing 017 – Middlesex County, NJ

Recently Constructed (2010) Telco/Data Center Space in Middlesex County, NJ

  • real-estate-017-1500kW-Cummins-Generators-full2,500 – 6,700 Sq Ft long term sublease available
  • Ready for rack installation
  • Power: 10,000 amp capacity (9000 available)/all is DC current/DC to AC per cabinet achieved using rectifiers
  • Two Cummins 1500kw diesel generators are connected for both capacity and redundancy
  • 15,000A @48VDC power plant include DC rectifiers and batteries
  • Rent $35 psf on Telco space $10 psf on the warehouse space, plus utilities

Switch/Data Center Construction Project
Electrical System

  • The project building 10,000 sqft floor space was divided in two sections, as follows:
    • 7,700 sqft Data/Switch room gross floor space for the final phase of the project
    • 2400 sqft out of the 7,700 sqft Data/Switch room was built in phase 1
    • 2,300 sqft Electrical A/C and DC power supporting infrastructure built to support phase 1 and the final phase
    • 2000 sqft exterior space for emergency generators an H.V service equipment built in phase 1
  • Phase 1 was completed in 47 days from start of building interior demolition until start up of electrical and mechanical equipment systems
  • Specified guide line for Electrical Power supporting Data equipment and cooling systems
    • 3.25KW DC power per IT cabinet. Total 1,121.00 KW for 345 cabinets.
    • 782KW for cooling and miscellaneous electrical loads
  • real-estate-017-transformer-and-service-switch-fullFor supporting the project loads during regular and emergency mode of operation, the following electrical system were installed:
    • New 4000A 24KV Primary service includes 24KV Main Service Switch and metering mounted outdoor on a concrete pad.
    • 3000KVA 24KV/480V 3PH dry type, transformer mounted outdoor on a concrete pad
    • Two Cummins 1500KW diesel generators enclosed in a sound attenuated enclosures connected in parallel for capacity and redundancy
    • Cummins Paralleling control and distribution switchgear for two existing generators and provision for one future generator
    • 4000A ATS integrated in the main distribution switchgear
    • 480V 3PH 2000A distribution panelboards for A/C , DC rectifiers system and lighting and general use equipment
    • 15000A @48VDC Power plant include DC rectifiers and batteries
    • Space provision for a second 15,000A 48VDC power Plant
    • Main grounding system- measure less then 1ohm
    • A UL certified Lightning protection system installed on top perimeter of the building with down spurt copper wires connected to grounding rods. In addition, a surge suppressor connected to the main service bus
  • real-estate-017-ATS-and-main-distribution-switch-fullThe main electrical services systems are build for N+1 capacity and redundancy. The main utility service redundancy is achieved by using the emergency generating system, which is full redundant. In case of utility service failure, the generating system will start up and a transfer to the emergency system will occur. In case of one generator failure the remaining operable generator is sized to supply the entire facility load
  • N+N redundancy is built in the DC power plant rectifiers. Each rectifier is provided with a dedicated A/C circuit from four different distribution panels
  • The facility lighting and miscellaneous loads are supplied by the emergency generating system in case of utility service interruption
  • Lightning protection system is installed include air terminals around the parameter of the building and on top of the chillers system. In addition to a surge suppressor on the main service bus

Mechanical Infrastructure

  • real-estate-017-data-center-mechanical-infrastructure-fullProject physical requirements as:
    • To achieve adequate air circulation in switch/data center space
      • 36” Raised Floor height to accommodate chilled water piping & provide cold air supply plenum,
      • 12’ suspended ceiling height with hot/cold aisle layout for cabinets,
      • 6’ clearance above suspended ceiling to provide hot air return plenum,
  • Installed mechanical components of the system as:
    • 300 tons A/C nominal capacity rooftop chillers:
      • YORK YCIV series air cooled chillers, each containing (3) variable speed driven screw compressors,
      • Each chiller is capable of up to 100% free-cooling operation (depending on outdoor temperature)
      • Each package contains variable speed driven 40HP capacity (2) chilled water pumps,
      • Both chillers have individual microprocessor controls. Also both systems are controlled by Johnson Controls’ central network controller for redundancy and coordinated operation.
      • Chilled water system is a closed-loop system and has been protected by 30% propylene glycol based DOWFROST mixture.
      • Mechanical equipment at roof are located on a dedicated platform independent of main facility structure.
    • Data Center indoor cooling units:
      • Liebert CW series downflow units, with precise temperature & humidity control, 52 tons A/C nominal cooling capacity each,
      • With microprocessor control & network capability (Master-Slave configuration for the coordinated operation of units),
    • Rectifier/Battery Room indoor cooling units :
      • Liebert CW series upflow units, with precise temperature & humidity control, 24 tons A/C nominal cooling capacity each,
      • With microprocessor control & network capability (Master-Slave configuration for the coordinated operation of units),
  • A & B Sides – Two cooling systems that can run independently or can be merged as one system based on load & redundancy requirements.
    • For high cooling demand scenario, if each side runs independent, total 500 tons A/C nominal cooling capacity can be achieved, while sustaining “N+1” component redundancy.
    • For lower cooling demand scenario, if loops merged, total 300 tons A/C nominal cooling capacity can be considered, with minimum operating load level of 30 tons capacity can be sustained.
    • By having this flexibility, the mechanical infrastructure can support any cooling load in the critical spaces from 9W/sqft up to 213 W/sqft
  • “N+1” redundancy on each mechanical component in the systems;
    • If “A & B” loops are used with highest load demand, one compressor and associated 4 cooling fans are redundant,
    • If “A + B” loops configuration is used with lowest demand, one complete chiller is redundant,
    • In any operating chiller frame, one pump is operational while second pump is redundant,
    • In data/switch center and in power room, “N+1” redundancy sustained on indoor cooling units,


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